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Elevate Software develops and markets the DBISAM and ElevateDB embedded database engines for database application developers, and the Elevate Web Builder development environment for web application developers.
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For more information on the various products, please click on the link that most closely matches your current development environment: Prices start at $269 US for DBISAM, $299 US for ElevateDB, and $299 US for Elevate Web Builder. All purchases include a free one year product subscription, which start at $59 US per year for DBISAM, and $99 US per year for both ElevateDB and Elevate Web Builder. Access to the product support forums is free of charge, while direct phone, email, and Skype support is $19 per support session.

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"After years of lugging around the BDE and dealing with the numerous support issues caused by it, I was excited to find a high-quality replacement in DBISAM. DBISAM has proven to be incredibly easy to use and very robust. The no-DLL and small EXE footprint of DBISAM are a huge plus, since I distribute software via the Internet. Elevate's technical support, the few times I've needed it, has been very prompt and knowledgeable."

David R. Michael
DavidRM Software

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